Five-year old boy sent UAB his $1 allowance to try and help save UAB football


When I was young I saved my allowance to buy baseball cards and Nintendo games. One five-year old in Ohio decided to spend his hard-earned allowance to try to save UAB football.

Bennett Williams, from Dublin, Ohio, is an Ohio State fan but adopted UAB as his second favorite team after thinking the logo for the Blazers was pretty cool. When word of UAB shutting down its football program made its way to the young boy, a will to do all he can to save the program led him to write a letter to the school, accompanied by his allowance money (one dollar). Every little bit helps, right?

The letter, as transcribed by, reads as follows;


The letter did not go unread. UAB athletics department, Reid Adair

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Fantasy Football

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Fantasy Baseball

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Hey guys Conner here so i noticed no one talks hockey at all. So here is a poll for the Stanley cup. We should talk about hockey its a sport to people! So vote below on who u want to win the cup.

Well game 2 sucked

The title says it all the heat won last night it sucked. Our plan was great executing it (or making it work is what i am trying to say) that’s another story, it was so bad i don’t to explain what happened last night so yea that’s it, but don’t worry we got game 3. Game tomorrow night. Btw, if your a blogger on here i need to see some posts please, i don’t want to kick you out.

Awesome Horse Race

Hey guys watch this cool horse race if the video works.

The FCC has no problem with David Ortiz’s comments


We mentioned earlier that Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz used some colorful language during his pre-game speech this afternoon at Fenway Park. ESPN showed it on a delay and was able to bleep it out, but those watching on MLB Network and NESN heard it live and unedited. Oh, the horror.

While this sort of language is usually frowned upon on broadcast television and radio, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made it a point this afternoon to say that they didn’t have an issue with it.

This might be my new favorite tweet ever. By the way, that statement was written by outgoing FCC chairman Julius Genachowski. He attended Harvard Law School.

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