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one point lost in over time that’s all i have to say

NBA San Antonio vs. Dallas mavericks

The heated rivalry goes back way back when and its always good. This time its for the top the leader of the pack! This game will decide who will take the lead in the western conference South west division! Both the spurs and the mavs ( who i really hate) are both 12-8 and the winner takes the lead till one beats the other. The game is tomorrow night and I want to know who do u think is gonna win?

Background pictures

Back ground pictures will change every Saturday and the pictures they will and i repeat the pictures will be the same more than once! so this weeks picture will be the San Antonio Spurs. Remember a new background pic every week!

Peyton Manning!!!!!!

Peyton Manning =  awesomeness!!!

Nfl picks for afc and nfc championship.

Well its a slow day today so lets start off with an new post! Whos gonna win tomorrows nfl game?

patriots vs ravens


49ers vs New York giants

comment and find out who the winner is Monday since the games are on Sunday.

my picks are the patriots and 49ers.