Not quitting!!!!

To make every thing clear i am not gonna quit i am staying.


Sup Abby here with a Poll

Hey Guyss! Abby Here with a Poll!!


if u havent heard, the Daytona 500 NASCAR’S Super Bowl has been postponed for the 1st time in race history (54 yrs) and then Danica Patrick Jimmie Johnson and other get in a wreck Lap 2 (Danica wrecked Saturday in the Nationwide) and well then Juan Pablo Montoya crashed his car into a Jet Dryer (Truck) w/200 gallons of fuel. Big fire put out. GO TO ESPN.COM FOR MORE INFO ON THE RACE!


Food Versus!!! Yummy Stuff!!!!

Hey Guyss! Reporter Abby here ! Lol and with a thing called Food Vs.

First Round……………………………Cupcakes Vs Cookiess!! mmmmmm i want some right Now lol!! Here are Some pics






Comment below which one you like better!!!

Pc  😛


dont quit Corner

Hey Guys, This is for Corner!! Dont quit cuz all ur buddies going to miss ya and those @$$ holes who making fun of you ingore them ok!!! 😀

i am quitting

yep u heard me right folks i am quitting aas or action all stars i don’t like the way i am being treated here and i am tired of everyone hating on me because i don’t have a girl friend and my life sucks. You guys have got to realize not every one is perfect, every one has there own problems to deal with every day and u shouldn’t hate on people, i’am not the smartest kid or the coolest or the richest,and i never had a girl friend in real life before, and i cant change the way i am not every ones life is perfect, every one is having a hard times with life in general, u have to deal with it, like i said not everyone is perfect. So i am leaving until u people stop judging me think about it. I quote: don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t like the person for who they are on the out side but what they are in the inside.