hello ppl i am now joining conners blog

sup ppls how ya feel how ya feel twenty-five-seven on a twenty- five meal


Conner sorry I didn’t post but I was grounded I got suspended from school for having a punch up well I will post tomorrow

Nba Thriller’s

Yes folks I said Nba Thriller’s because they were some good games last night spurs won again (what else is new?) Thunder beat the Heat 103-87 but  Dwyane Wade shot an awesome three pointer from way past half court to end the third quarter and last but not least the Atlanta Hawks won in 4 over times  that’s right i said 4ot’s they kept tying each other but  the hawks beat Utah 139-133 the first 4 over times since 1997 and i got tired watching them go back and fourth they said they played for 60 minutes and when it was over i was starting to fall asleep. Well that’s all all i got for u guys Later athletes.

A New Record!

Hey athletes Conner here and i got bored, and so my blog hit a new record yesterday i have received 37 views and it may not seem like much but like i said i got bored and i am super bored right now so yea that’s it Later athletes.



Mystery Athletes

Hello Athletes!


Can you guess em?

WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!

The San Antonio Spurs finally win over the lousy Dallas Mavericks, Spurs won it 104-87 and the Thunder! won as well , Kevin love’s career high 51 points wasn’t enough! as OKC won it 149-140 in double over time and what a night it was. Until next time, see ya later athletes!!!!!   🙂

Come back kids

Yes that’s right athletes the “come back kids” in other words i am coming back early! I have finally cleared my mind of all the bad things and got the good in, so i am coming back tomorrow! for the weekend. The other is the San Antonio Spurs. Tonight is the last time that we play the Mavericks for the regular season until the playoffs, (if they make it which i doubt) and hopefully we win and not lose for the third time. Come on! So yea that’s it, later athletes.