Athlete Versus!! Round Two!

Hey Guys! Abby here!

 Here with another Athlete Versus! I know that I only gave you little time to guess the mystey athletes from Round 1, but

pplz wanted to be in round 2 and guess more! So……………… The Athletes were Cool boy and Dalt!  Oh Wait!

Last Week Winners were………………

1. BESTY!!

2.NA NA!!

3. a tie from Sang and Shaq!!


Next round…………..

These winners will only get

1 100 tokens

2 50 tokens

3 Try again!                                     Because lots of pplz know these athletes!

Ok here they are!

This Gurl is one of my very ‘best’ friends! Lolz

This gurl is also one of my best friends!


Pc Out! 😛


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