A message to all action all star athletes

Dear athletes,

I am taking a short absence from action all stars i need a short vacation from all the drama that has happened on here. On my spring break this past week i have encountered lots of drama being made fun of, back talking saying s**t and i just about had enough of it all. So i have deiced to clear my head of all the bad stuff that has ever been said to me. So i will not be here for a week ill wont be back until next week Tuesday March 26,2012 and i am leaving this blog to surfer dude until i come back, and if any thing cool, awesome or exciting happens on action all stars or any were else (not sports cuz i always check that) please feel free to make a post an i will see it in my e-mail. Thanks for your time and ill see y’all next week. Later athletes.


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  1. U Can count on

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