My favorite sports teams and players

I got bored so i decided too do this so here we go.

Mlb: Texas Rangers, Nelson Cruz #17, out fielder

Nfl: Atlanta Falcons, Matt Ryan #2 Qb

Nhl: Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby #87 C which i guess means team captain or center

Nba: San Antonio Spurs, Tim Duncan #21 PF

Ncaaf: or college football, Texas Longhorns # 12 Colt McCoy even though hes in the pros he was a great qb

Ncaab: or college basketball, Texas Longhorns and Duke Blue Devils no players.

Well that’s it from me athletes i am out.



4 Responses

  1. Aye i gotta talk to u

  2. fck u corner why did u take me off ur blog u fcken btch i kept u on my blog and u kicked me off wat a pig fck u and ur mum is a btch

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