Srry Long Time No Me

Wazzup peeps surfer here srry i dont post alot the reason is tht my uncle came from overseas and me and him spending lost of time together his 30 years old his so fun his really athletical and always lets me play on his ipad and plus guys i am gonna give u a clue of how old i am

his older than me by nearly 13 years so have ur guess and if u guess write i will give ya 400 tokens but if its write 600 tokens and when he leaves i will post more no cya peeps and my uncle is 30 years old




6 Responses

  1. same age as me 17

  2. That means you are 17 years old here’s the math



    see ima smart guys

  3. haha guys both of u r smart but i got to say older ppl r smater they got more knowledge wait who is older conneror shak
    plzz answer tell me ur ages k so i know ur age conner 17 like me but wht ur age shak

  4. Bro surfer stop dleting my comment ur 12 or i dlete u off my blog

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