A message from me again

Alright folks listen up err read carefully recently there has been a lot of drama on action all stars lately and i am not liking it u guys are just taking the ur aggression out on me and i don’t like it because either i did something i didn’t mean to do or u just plain don’t like me period. If i did anything to any one i am sorry,Abby i am sorry for what i said on shaks blog i didn’t know what i was thinking and i really did not mean it either i am very sorry for what i have done to hurt any one. If u were deleted from my blog it wasn’t me it was surf  i put him in charge to change the header on this blog and never changed his role to author. I have deiced to take another week off to clear my mind again that will be starting next week Monday and i will still take care of my blog and i really don’t like to be picked on ( not saying names but u know who u are) and i like to say that u need to get a life and stop hurting my feelings and go pick on some one else ok? Now for what happened on shaks blog again i am very sorry to every one including u Abby i would like to move on from that because the past is the past and i will never do that again. Another thing i have been removed from shaks blog therefore ill will be deleting him and some one will take his place i just don’t know who. Once again i am very sorry for what i did and it will not happen again.


Conner Wilken aka Conner012367


2 Responses

  1. Thanks Corn i accept it and we aren’t fight anymore. Hope u feel better

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