Quitting maybe…

Yep that’s right i am may be quitting then again maybe not because time i say that i gonna quit i don’t (thx to my awesome friends). But maybe this is the end of me maybe i will quit action all stars idk yet. Now that all the servers are on safe chat this will make my quitting much faster so i give this until this up coming Friday May 4, 2012 and if the safe chat isn’t gone i will be and it will be a very sad day and a very sad good bye cuz i wont have any thing to do ill just be bored every day and if i do quit or when i do quit i might return for my summer break and then when its over some time in August idk when that will be a permanent leave. I have decided to stay here longer than the rest of you guys for the time being and those of u guys that have quit… I hope that you guys my friends who did quit i wish u have a good life one thats better than the one u guys had here. So a reminder I WILL NOT QUIT UNTIL THIS FRIDAY MAY 4 until then, lets hope that the safe chat is gone from our server. See ya later athletes!



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