My last day on Action All Stars :(

Well folks tomorrow will be my last day here on aas because it looks like there not gonna lift the safe chat on the servers and i said i would quit tomorrow if that didn’t happen and it hasn’t happened. Maybe it was ment to be my last day on here and its not getting any better any time soon and no i will not give my athlete any one at all no questions asked. Ill be on here for my summer break and maybe return for good if the safe chat is gone. “(sheds tears)” Now its my time to say good bye to all of my friends.

Arshak13: Thanks for being a good friend and i know we didnt get along that well i am glad i got to know u your a very good friend and i am gonna miss u.

Besty: My very best friend in the world i am gonna miss u the most we had a good time as a couple and friends and now that i am leaving i wish u the best of luck and have a good life and sorry i cant say any more but maybe the heat will win the NBA finals this year who knows? Also never ever forget me i will always remember you ! 🙂 ❤

Abby: I thank u as well for being a good friend u are my second best friend on here and i wish that drama that happened on here never did happen at all.

Reggie1708: You were the coolest guy i ever been friends with we had some funny times together and sometimes we didn’t get along with each other but ur a cool bro and friend too.

Too the rest of my friends i am deeply and very sorry that i didn’t put u on here but those guys were my very cool and awesome friends and i will never forget any one of you guys at all. So i wish u all the best and i hope you guys live very good lives. This is my last post till i come back to action all stars.

Peace out, Conner012367 signing off.   😦

P.S. I will also not leave this blog at all and to shak, please let me back on your blog so every one can see this and i’ll let u back on here too.


2 Responses

  1. idk i might quit and not use the blog anymore

  2. but ill just add you idc

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