Not the best thing but its something.

Hey athletes corn here and i got bored, and i am sorry i haven’t been posting as well so i might as well do so. Today is Monday June 25, 2012 (DUH) but its also my third year on action all stars (aas) if i told any of  you guys that i have been here longer, i lied, sorry but i been on here for 3 years started in 2010 in this date during the flag mission for the Fifa world cup soccer that happened that year, and before the 2010 mlb all star game in Anaheim California home of the Angels ( or los angeles) . It was a good year cuz action all stars was more fun better missions and gear now the are retiring witch stinks. All i can say is i really wish i was here for more than three freaking years. So on July 3, 2012 we all will be gone but i will still be here blogging about sports and stuff so yea later athletes.  Also if u want to know more about me that IS NOT PERSONAL then i will be happy to answer them.


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