Aye Guyss!! Abby here!!


So………I’ve decided to quit all the blogs, scince I can only manage a couple.

I Will be removing myself!!

So I will still be on my blog, shak’s blog, cloe’s blog, jr’s blog and shaq’s blog.

Thank ALL of you who let me join your blog, but I feel bad that I’m not posting.

The reason that I’m still staying on those blogs is because those are the ones that I post most on.

I’d like to thank all the blogs I’ve been on 18 Blogs!! Woot!! Loll

1. Cool girl

2. Shak

3. Shaq

4. Corn

5. Dttat

6. Another one of dttat’s

7. Yoyo


9.Cool guy

10. (mine)

11. Zac

12. Marcs

13. Best

15. Gar

16. Ray

17. Jr

18. Cloe

Thanks Everybody!! Y0L0!!

Pc from Abbster2 😛


3 Responses

  1. well your welcome, i guess ill remove you, and i am not those kinds of people who kick you off if you don’t post on the blog for a certain amount of time just saying.

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