Well, Well, Well What do I have here

Yes I Finally have proof that Chloe was mean to Jr! Here it goes:

Can’t see it Close up Want more Here it is:Wait Can’t see it Close Up:

Now you Think your the Only One!

40 Responses

  1. Wow he was caught suspicious nice post u got cloe

  2. Ik u posted but I just said u got cloe nice revenge

  3. I mean edited cuz I am writing this on my iPad

  4. Commenting What? Look you can’t be mad at me just because I deleted Jr of the blog. Don’t hold a grudge at me just cause of that. And I’m sorry I even did that. There I said I’m Sorry, million times Sorry.

    • I’m not mad just about that. You lied to me like a billion times.
      For example, your brother (Jbear15) or who ever asked to be on the blog and invited you to the blog.
      You just messed up my blog! Another example, you changed everyone to authors without my permission. Your sis, or who ever it is, just start talkin trash on me.
      What you did, which I think it’s unforgivable, it’s MESSED UP!
      idc what you gonna tell everyone trash about Cloe.
      I just hope you will LEAVE ME ALONE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!

      • Look to start off I don’t have any brothers or sisters I’m only child. So I don’t have a sister. Around that time she was commenting I was in vacation if you didn’t know. And what did I lie about? Just tell me. Cause half of the time I was in vacation. And I’m sorry I changed the author with out your permission. When I did I didn’t know how to change it back. And who ever is jbear15 didn’t put me on the blog it was Marc who did, I don’t know why but he did. And I haven’t said anything about cloe.

        Look. John or whatever your real name is? I Can’t leave you alone until you forgive me.


      • Marc will never never ever do that.
        Even though sometimes he’s annoying, but he always respects me and my blog. Stop blaming on people you know? Stop lying. I saw Jbear15’s name on it when he invited you to the blog.
        Shame on you that you are still arguing with me.
        Guess what? You will never win cuz you lie.
        Why don’t you just leave me alone then?

      • Look I don’t know who is Jbear15? Really! And who am I blaming. Gosh John I didn’t know you where that selfish. And at that Time he was mad at you for some reason? And I won’t leave you alonne Guess why? Cause I’m not what you think I am.


      • Whatever so your saying your giving up. Look John grow some balls. And say what you want to say and dont fuqcking give up easily it wont get you anywhere in life just by giving up. And yes I do understand you. I know I was big trouble for you but I already said I was sorry. And yes keep on fighting Like a girl won’t you. Maturity is what you fuqking need. Im noting going to lower my behavior like you guys do. And your the one who doesn’t understand me!


      • Wow . . . That’s harsh . . .
        Never really done anything to you besides trash talk . .
        Then why you so mean to me?
        I will be willing to drop this . . .
        If I’m gonna die today, the last word I will say is I hate you in guts . . .
        Also, saying grow some balls isn’t mature too . . .

      • Look all I’m trying to say you have to grow up. Plus you already hurt my feeling when you called me a slut and a bitch remember that! Why take your life if god gaved it to you. Your the one who is mean to
        me I am trying to restore your friendship. Yes I know I was harsh on the last comment. I’m sorry if I hurt your feeling. Alright.. And you know something I don’t hate you. For me your a friend that doesnt understand.


      • Hmm, you know I don’t believe in christianity.
        I’m a buddhist. When I called a slut and a bitch, so what? Maybe you really are for your actions.
        For the truth, I never thought you as a friend and never thought you as an enemy. I just hate you in my guts for your actions, that’s all.
        Also, grow up and grow some balls are different.
        Again, I’m willing to drop this anytime. But I will just not forgive you. That’s all.

      • Some times reality hurts ok. And I was born in America if you didn’t know. My mom is from France and my dads Mexican. I didnt say I hated you. And you where the one who started all of this. By deleting me off the blog. Alright. And I do have some education I have a 10,000 salership.

      • What? You started all by removing Jr you _____.
        Why do you think I care about your family business?
        I hate you, so what. I hate you in guts.
        And no one’s even on your side? Shame on you?

      • Look i don’t care. You can’t hate me with all your guts cause guts don’t have feeling. Alright. Its your fuqking heart dumbshit. Oh and i missed spelled scholarship

    • So your Indian Omfg!!!!! Don’t jugde the cover by it’s appearance. And I’m not christen either I’m catholic. I don’t see you as an enemy either. Look I get mad fast so I’m sorry. So don’t compline that I was harsh on you So what! Willing to drop what? You hate me with your guts. It’s your feeling. Duh.


      • Why Indian? Chinese believe in Buddhist too, although the religion came from India.
        Get some education.
        I never said I was complaining? Too bad you don’t understand english.
        If you hate me then you should stop commenting and get people involved in this nonsense. So ya, stop.
        It was you who started all this? Now you blaming me?
        Wowers? You only know how to talk trash . . .
        That’s how you will never win.

  5. I think msanchez12 has a crush on you cloe and cloe seeygotswag told me that her dilly are dating we will be right back at AAS drama dun dun dun


    • Look how can I have a crush on him if we are fighting. Aytan use common since.. Please and we are not making this into a fighting battle. And yes I am dating Dillon.

    • Yes I do. Aytan do you have a Facebook?

    • Only in picture BUT sometime we are going to video chat. Are you on your iPad? Or laptop

      • I am on my iPad but the iPad that I am on is my moms Srry

      • Hmm. Why would she have a crush on me?
        Maybe we should just stop this?
        And of course I will never accept your apology.
        I will be willing to drop this if we just drop this situation now.
        But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna forgive you or anything.
        I just don’t wanna argue anymore since you absolutely don’t understand my words.
        So watever~~~

    • Hey you should get the app ifunny it’s cool

  6. No Aytan you were on your iPad like a boss. lol


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