Well, Well, Well What do I have here

Yes I Finally have proof that Chloe was mean to Jr! Here it goes:

Can’t see it Close up Want more Here it is:Wait Can’t see it Close Up:

Now you Think your the Only One!

Reporters of Aytan and Allstars

OK you know how you can make the background transparent. And I did It. Here it goes:

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Reporters of Aytan and Allstars

Well I am Very Excited about the Mlb Allstar game. And of course I go for The Cardinals(:

Here’s a pic of them:(Rafael Furcal)

Also The Nationals Are winning

Msanchez12 i need you to change your gravetar pic to your AAS avatar kk?



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Hey its Mariola

Hi its Mariola Nice to be in Conner’s blog here’s a pic of me