For the Falcons and lions fans heres the highlights of the game if you missed it.


Should I stay or Should I Go?

Hey Athletes, Brett297 here, and I want to give you the opportunity to vote if I should leave Woozworld or if I should Stay.



What Should I Do???



Brett in the Houuuuse!

Hey Athletes, Brett297 is now officially a part of this blog.

Cloe’s Retirement Letter!


Hey Everyone, this is Cloe. (This letter DOES NOT INVOLVE with Zac & mariola)

Yes, I am retiring… Goodbye everyone… I’m also quitting WW (WoozWorld)

I’ve really had a good time with you guys. Thank you.

I’m really glad that I had a chance to meet you guys.

You guys are the best people eva.

I just would like to say a few thing to some of you:

Gar/Homie: Goodbye bro. I really will miss you! I will always remember the fun times we had on WoozWorld. Thank you.

Seeya: Goodbye man. You’re the best. Never forget you in life!

Jr: Jr! Even though u don’t show up a lot anymore, but I hope u will see this! You are a great pal! And keep up ur blog! XD!

Aytan: Ty for everything. Never forget you.

Money: Still haven’t get my wooz, but it’s ok. 🙂 Never forget u dude.

Abby: Even though u quitted! I saw ur draft for letting me not quit! Why did u quit too!!! What the fuck! You quit before me! Anyways, you’ve been a good friend to me.

Drew/Dttat: Hey drew I just wanna say ur a nice person! I won’t forget u!

Shak – Even though we had fights, but ur a good friend dude. I won’t forget you! Note: Remember not to turn gay Shak by wearing those girl clothes! roflol!

Goodbye! I will be back someday next year!

P.S. I will post the movie up after I’m back and I added something special to it! XD!

P.P.S. I left have nothing to do with anyone. I just wanna pace myself and refresh myself a little.

I also wanna to slow things down a little… So yeah, nothing to do with anyone.


Remember! Stick man rocks! XDDD!


And please don’t remove me! I will come back…

NFL updates

ImageHello Athletes aytan here. here are some updates that are going on around the NFL:

Rashard Jennings will start at running back for the Jacksonville jaguars.  when they begin week one against the Vikings. Maurice Jones-Drew continues his holdout as he seeks a long-term deal. Jones-Drew will forgo a $267,765 paycheck for each regular-season game he misses. Jennings has averaged 4.9 yards per carry in the preseason.


 Tim Tebow has rushed for 84 yards over three preseason games and is being labeled a running back by several pundits, including ESPN’s Merrill Hoge. Tebow has completed only 38 percent of his passes in the preseason. But Tony Sparano is seeing progress in Tebow as a passer. Victor Cruz has been named the NFL’s best-dressed player by Esquire. Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals), Tom Brady (Packers), Clay Matthews (Packers), Robert Griffin III (Redskins), Reggie Bush (Dolphins), Tim Tebow (Jets), Alex Smith (49ers), Kerry Rhodes (Cardinals), Nnamadi Asomugha (Eagles), Calvin Johnson (Lions), Cam Newton (Panthers), Eli Manning (Giants), Braylon Edwards (Seahawks) and DeMarco Murray (Cowboys). The St. Louis Rams made traded the second overall pick to the Washington Redskins in exchange for first rounders in 2012, 2013 and 2014, along with a second round pick. Regardless of how Robert Griffin III performs in his NFL career, St. Louis Rams GM Les Snead is focused on how his own picks progress. St. Louis selected Michael Brockers with the 14th overall pick.

Thank you for reading and remember to fallow this blog Have a great day,
p.s drew i am done with header i  uploaded 😀

Geuss the ref!

Hello Athletes Aytan here so i am doing a a guss the ref so far sangye1348 won first prize (Athlete spotlight) so this is the chart of prizes:


so here is the pic of the ref:




* if it is bad prizes don’t yell 10% of bad prizes 90% amazing prizes

Athlete spotlight on my blog!

ImageHey Athletes aytan here! so if you wanna be athlete spotlight just comment on this link: